Rohde & Schwarz, GmbH.

Muldorfstrasse 15

D-81671 Munich


Skybrokers offers for more the 10 years Rohde & Schwarz (R&S) new and used Test- and Measure Equipment. We have supported Teleport clients as well as Satellite Services Service providers with various Spectrum Analyzers such as the FSH3 and FSP7 Compact Spectrum Analyzers.

About Rohde & Schwarz, GmbH.


Rohde & Schwarz, GmbH. & Co KG is an international electronics group specialized in the fields of Electronic test equipment, broadcasting, radiomonitoring and radiolocation, and radiocommunications. The company provides products for the wireless communications, broadcasting and electronics industry, aerospace and defense, homeland security and critical infrastructures.
The group has been developing, producing and marketing electronic products for the capital goods sector since 1933. In addition to the Munich headquarters, there are regional headquarters in the US (Columbia, Maryland) and in Asia (Singapore). Almost 5500 of the company's employees work in Germany, including the around 2000 employees at the Munich headquarters.

Worldwide, the company has a total of around 8400 employees in over 70 countries. Rohde & Schwarz is family-owned and self-financing. Exports account for approx. 90 percent of revenues. In the 2010/2011 fiscal year (June to July), the company generated a net revenue of EUR 1.6 billion. The company invests around 16 percent of its annual net revenue in research and development.

Central R&D is located at company headquarters in Munich. Most products are manufactured in the Rohde & Schwarz plants in Memmingen, Teisnach and Vimperk (Czech Republic). In 2005, Rohde & Schwarz acquired HAMEG GmbH, a German T&M equipment manufacturer.

Outside Germany, Rohde & Schwarz has development centers in the US, Singapore, Korea, China, Denmark, France and Great Britain. The company has also production facilities in Singapore and Malaysia, which have been up and running since the beginning of 2011 and July 2011, respectively.

Key Dates:

1933: Physikaltechnische Entwicklungslabor Dr. Rohde & Dr. Schwarz (PTE) is established in Munich. 

1938: PTE develops the world's first portable quartz clock. 

1949: Rohde & Schwarz establishes the first VHF FM radio station in Europe. 

1964: The company sets up Europe's first air-traffic noise monitoring system.

1966: Company becomes known as Rohde & Schwarz GmbH & Co. KG.

1971: Friedrich Schwarz becomes company's third CEO in history.

1985: Co-founder Dr. Lothar Rohde dies.

1992: Cooperation agreement is forged with Japanese measurement instrument maker Advantest Corp.

1993: Cooperation with Tektronix Inc. in the United States begins.

1995: Co-founder Dr. Hermann Schwarz dies.

2005: R&S acquired Hameg GmbH, a German T&M equipment manufacturer.

2010: R&S acquired DVS Digital Video Systems GmbH, a German manufacturer of professional film & video hard- and software.

2011: R&S acquired Ipoque GmbH, a specialist in Internet Traffic Management and Network Monitoring.

Please find below some of our Rohde & Schwarz products:

·         Rohde & Schwarz Spectrum Analyzer FSH3, 9kHz-3GHz

·         Rohde & Schwarz Spectrum Analyzer FSP7, 9kHz-7GHz

·         Rohde & Schwarz Spectrum Analyzer FSL3, 9kHz-3GHz (NEW)