Radyne Comstream, Inc. (CEFD)

Radyne Comstream was acquired by Comtech Telecommunications, Inc. in 2008.

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Skybrokers offers for over 10 years Radyne Comstream frequency converters, Modems, Encoder/Decoders and DVB Modulators and demodulators new as well as used. We supported several clients with new and used satellite modems such as the DMD2401 satellite modem, the DM240 Modulator and the DMD20 satellite modems.

About Radyne Comstream, Inc.


Radyne ComStream, designed, manufactured, sold, integrated and installed products, systems and software that were used for the transmission and reception of data and video over satellite, microwave and cable communication networks.

The company, through the Tiernan subsidiary (acquired in 2001) was a supplier of HDTV and SDTV encoding and transmission equipment. The Tiernan brand (Video and Audio Encoder/Decoders) was known as Comtech TV. 

The company had offices in the U.S. located in Phoenix and San Diego, and internationally in Singapore, Beijing, Jakarta and London.  The company also had sales and/or service centers in Sao Paulo, Bangalore, Shanghai and Moscow.


Radyne was established in 1980 in Phoenix, Arizona USA, and was recognized as a leading supplier of satellite communications ground equipment.

In 1998 Radyne Company acquired ComStream Holdings Inc. from Spar Aerospace Limited, a Canadian advanced technology company that nowadays operates as a subsidiary of MacDonald Dettwiler (MDA), owner of Space Systems/Loral.

Comstream manufactured satellite equipment (decoders and satellite modems).

In April 2001 Radyne ComStream acquired all assets of Tiernan Communications Inc., a privately held corporation based in San Diego and specialized in digital television, in an effort to beef up its digital video and content offering. Tiernan made equipment that compressed a typical TV signal from 30 million bits per second down to 3 million bits for transmission via a satellite network.

The new subsidiary, Tiernan Radyne ComStream offered employment to essentially all the former Tiernan Communications employees. Tiernan's customer base included major television networks, broadcasters, common carriers, and suppliers of Satellite newsgathering systems.

Radyne stepped in since Tiernan had run out of money as was about to undergo a foreclosure by its bank. The purchase gave Radyne new product lines in the area of digital video and Internet-over-satellite marketplace.

In March 2005 Radyne Comstream, Inc. acquired Xicom Technology, Inc. in a 41 million USD cash and stock deal. Xicom manufactured SSPA's, TWTA's and KPA's.

In June 2005 Radyne Comstream, Inc. changed its name into Radyne Corp. and was organized in three business units: The Phoenix Division, Xicom Technology, Inc. and Tiernan.

In August 2008, Radyne Corp. completed the merger with Comtech Telecommunications Corp. The merger created a company with a combined sales of 652 million USD. The whole company would be operating as Comtech EFData (CEFD), a subsidiary of Comtech Telecommunications Corp.

The acquisition also resulted in the closure of Radyne's manufacturing facilities. Radyne's satellite Earth station businesses were integrated into Comtech's EF Data facility in Tempe.

Three of Radyne's businesses, the Xicom satellite Earth station amplifiers, the AeroAstro microsatellites and the Tiernan broadcast encoding and transmission, were operated as independent product lines under the CEFD umbrella.

Key Dates:

Radyne Company was established, headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona.

 Radyne Company acquired ComStream Holdings Inc. from Canadian Spar Aerospace Ltd.

2000 Radyne Comstream acquired Armer Communications

2001 Radyne Comstream acquired all assets from Tiernan Communications Inc. 

2005 Radyne Comstream, Inc. changed its name into Radyne Corp.

2005 Radyne Corp. acquired Xicom Technologies

2008 Comtech EFData, a subsidiary or Comtech Telecommunications, Inc. acquired Radyne Corp.

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