Paradise Datacom (Teledyne)

operates as a subsidairy of Teledyne Technologies, Inc.

328 Innovation Blvd.
State College, PA 16803

Skybrokers offers for over 10 years Paradise Datacom satellite modems, BUC's and HPA's. We supported several clients with PD-series of satellite modems and Ku-band BUC's.

About Paradise Datacom


Paradise Datacom, a Teledyne Technologies, Inc. company, is focused on the design, manufacturing and sale of satellite modems, solid state power amplifiers (SSPA), low noise amplifiers (LNA), block up converters (BUC) and associated redundancy subsystems. Paradise Datacom has delivered products and subsystems for use in satellite communications systems to an extensive list of customers located around the world.

The managers and engineers of Paradise Datacom have unparalleled experience in the production, sale and distribution of satellite communications products. Senior members of the Teledyne Paradise Datacom engineering and management team received their training and experience from the companies that pioneered the satcom industry including Scientific Atlanta, VertexRSI, Radyne Comstream (CEFD), Comtech EFData, EEV (E2V) and ViaSat.

History of the Paradise Datacom Group

Paradise Datacom, Ltd.
was founded in the UK by Nigel Mills in 1988 and incorporated in June 1993. Mills was working for a systems integrator of satellite communications equipment when he implemented a specification for interface protocols which allowed modems from different manufacturers to communicate with each other to form an open network for international communications.

Nigel Mills saw a requirement for stand-alone products incorporating these protocols and set up his own company to pursue this opportunity. These 'Framing Units' were sold to modem suppliers targeting emerging open communications networks such as those promoted by Eutelsat and Intelsat.

Mills then started to develop his own modems incorporating the open network technology. Paradise Datacom Limited's first range of modems (P200), introduced in 1992 were fixed rate only, but widely adopted for satellite news gathering as the range included an interface supporting two audio channels, vital for maintaining co-ordination channels between SNG vehicles and the broadcaster's HQ.

Paradise Datacom, LLC, was established by Nigel Mills in 1997 in partnership with James Dixon, to give Paradise Datacom, Ltd. improved access to the North American market, which was potentially the largest market for satellite communications equipment.

In January 2000, Paradise Datacom, LLC acquired the Locus Communications products group, then a small division of ITT Industries, Inc. for 1.3 million GBP. Locus’ microwave amplifiers were highly complementary to the Paradise Datacom Group's modems, allowing the Paradise Datacom Group to achieve higher value sales from existing customers and to extend its customer base for modems in North America.

In 2001 Paradise Datacom, Ltd. and parts of Paradise Datacom LLC. was acquired by Intelek PLC. Intelek, PLC. was composed of a group of companies (Labtech and CML) that designed, manufactured and supplied precision products and sub-systems for the aerospace and communication industries in the UK and USA. The Group manufactured and supplied circuit boards, antennas, power amplifiers and transceivers, in-flight telephone systems, and aircraft landing systems.

Paradise controlled 7% of the market for medium data-rate satellite modems. With the acquisition Intelek's presence in the European and US microwave communications markets was increased significantly.

In 2002 Paradise Datacom, LLC. (USA) acquired the SierraCom VSAT product line.

In July 2010 Teledyne Technologies, Inc. (part of the Teledyne, Inc. Group) acquired Intelek, PLC. for a 52 million USD deal. The Intelek's Paradise Datacom division, became Teledyne Paradise Datacom. Intelek's Labtech division became Teledyne Labtech and Intelek's CML Group became the Teledyne CML Group.

At that time Paradise modems supported all major communication formats including Paired Carrier Multiple Access (PCMA), a patented bandwidth saving feature licensed from ViaSat, Inc. PCMA was available in all Paradise modem products and had the potential to reduce recurring space segment costs by up to 50%.

Teledyne, Inc., founded in June 1960 by Henry Singleton and George Kozmetsky and formerly named as Instrument Systems, had more than 150 companies with interests as varied as insurance, dental appliances, specialty metals, and aerospace electronics, but many of these had been divested.

The new Teledyne Technologies, Inc. was initially composed of 19 companies that were earlier in Teledyne, Inc. By 2011, Teledyne Technologies, Inc. had grown to include nearly 100 companies.

On March 28th 2017 Teledyne announced that it had acquired UK based E2V Technologies, Plc. for 789 million USD. E2V provides high performance image sensors for the machine vision and space market. E2V was also a manufacturer of high reliability semiconductors and radio frequency communication applictions (TWTA's & SSPA's).

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