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Skybrokers offers for more the 10 years iDirect new and used Satellite Routers and Hub’s. We supported Teleport clients as well as Satellite Services Service providers with the 3100 and 5100-series routers as well as iDirect’s new X3 and X5-series routers and 5iF Hub equipment.

About iDirect Technologies, Inc.


From the beginning, iDirect has taken a visionary role in VSAT, helping to shape the industry by breaking down long-standing quality and cost barriers.
In a landmark innovation, we developed an IP-based system that mirrored the quality and reliability of terrestrial communications to deliver, for the first time in satellite history, enterprise-quality applications. This breakthrough helped transform satellite from a “technology of last resort” to a powerful, diverse solution able to handle core network applications and take broadband into the heart of critical enterprise, military and public sector operations.
iDirect first brings business-quality IP applications to the TDMA VSAT market. Their native IP design, advanced IP routing and Quality of Service (QoS) technologies allows their Platform to integrate seamlessly with terrestrial networks. This was a major game changer for service providers — they now had the technology to build and deliver high-quality service that could generate fresh demand for satellite connectivity.

Enterprise class quality and integration with terrestrial networks were only part of the solution; the satellite network had to be flexible and fundamentally affordable for the operator.

Hub infrastructure is one of the biggest capital expenses service providers face. In fact, the infrastructure decision can make or break the ability to profitably expand, enter new markets and introduce new services. With the introduction of their series 15000 Universal Satellite Hub that combined multiple satellites, frequencies, and topologies in a single hub, they brought winning economics to the business equation for the first time. This innovation meant that the hub chassis could be populated with network line cards as a service provider grows its customer base. This was in stark contrast to single-mission, conventional hubs able to handle only one satellite and one frequency at a time while forcing service providers to commit to a substantial down payment. Now, service providers can enter the market at minimal cost, equipped with the flexibility to offer new services. They can serve many more customers from one central hub in a “pay as you grow” manner, without being forced to purchase multiple hubs hardwired for a specific topology or band.

In another game-changing move, iDirect pioneered the first Virtual Network Operator (VNO) service, thereby introducing an entirely new business model for operators. This service allowed hub network operators (HNO's) to offer a shared service via a “hosted” hub, creating a new class of service providers, VNO's, that could now bypass the costly hub investment and management of the network infrastructure while maintaining full control of their own network and end users. The VNO service provided, for the first time, a low-risk, low-cost way for operators to enter new markets and expand in response to demand.

From the beginning, iDirect believed that the best way to truly understand the intricacies of market requirements was through deep partnerships with the people and organizations that know those markets best. In fact, those strong partnerships with industry leaders in key verticals actually helped shape their Platform, playing an important role in determining the features and functionality included today. This groundwork led to iDirect becoming the No. 1 brand name in major markets including maritime, military, and oil and gas.

Finally, for sustained success, they knew that a higher degree of flexibility and scalability was essential. From the start, they based their development approach on one universal set of requirements to enable service providers to meet any customer requirement, no matter the application, bandwidth, satellite, frequency, or topology. They ensured that their hub and line card system, remotes, and operating and management software all had the flexibility to handle the most diverse market needs for fixed or mobile communications The result is the iDirect Intelligent Platform™, the industry’s gold standard in performance, efficiency, functionality and flexibility.

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