Nahuelsat S.A.

Nahuelsat S.A. provided satellite communications services in Argentina and Latin America. It operated the satellite Nahuel-1A. Through Nahuel-1A, the company provided telecommunications and TV transmission services in South America.


Nahuelsat S.A, formerly the first commercial Argentinian satellite operator was founded in 1992 by European companies, Aerospatiale, Daimler-Chrysler and Alenia Spazio. The company became operative in 1994 and launched its own satellite (Nahuel-1A) in 1997. Other companies joined, with GE Americom increasing its stake in 1997.

In 2000 SES purchased a 28.75 % interest in Nahuelsat.

In 2005 what was by then, SES Americom withdrew. In 2007 the Argentinian government by law created a company named ARSAT and transferred all assets of Nahuelsat S.A.

As of 2007 ARSAT's only asset was still the single Nahuel-1 satellite, positioned at 71.8ºW. It was expected to remain operational until 2009. Control of the satellite was handled by a ground station at Benavidez near Buenos Aires and a backup station at Bosque Alegre near Cordoba.

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Orbital Position: 72° W
Manufacturer: Thales Alenia Space
Launch date: 31 Jan 1997
Launch Operator: Arianespace S.A.
Launch vehicle: Ariane 44L
Expected lifetime: 12 years

Note: Retired.

Nahuel-1B (GE-5, AMC-5)

Orbital Position: 81° W
Manufacturer: Thales Alenia Space
Launch date: 28 Oct 1998
Launch Operator: Arianespace S.A.
Launch vehicle: Ariane 44L
Expected lifetime: 12 years

Note: Nahuel-1B was built as a spare satellite and planned to be launched by a Chinese  CZ-3C spacecraft. It was sold to GE Americom as GE-5. When SES acquired SES Americom the satellite was renamed into AMC-5.