Paradise Datacom L-band Satellite Modem Evolution-series PD55L (USED)

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Paradise Datacom L-band Satellite Modem Evolution-series PD55L (USED)

: Paradise Datacom
Part number: PD55L

The Paradise datacom Evolution series PD55L satellite modem has been designed for costs-critical modem applications and discerning users who demand quality and reliability at an affordable price. This 55Mbps capable modem offers full compliance with IESS-308, -309, -310, -314, & -315, plus a range of data interfaces including Ethernet. Data rate in base modem: 4.8kbps-2,048kbps (options to 25Mbps), Field upgradeable feature set, L-band 950-1,950MHz in 100Hz steps, BPSK/QPSK/OQPSK as standard modulation (8PSK, Fastlink, 8QAM, 16QAM Fastlink 16APSK, Fastlink 32APSK and Fastlink 64QAM as option), Built-in 1:1 Red. Controller, 100-240VAC prime power, 1RU rack mountable, Web User Interface.

These modems have following configuration:

Hardware Options

I/f 1: P3056 EIA530
I/f 2: P3714 IP Traffic
I/f 3: NoBNCs
P3521 High Stab Ref
R3028 fan assembly

Software SAF Options

D. rate 10-16.896M :DR2
D. rate 16.896-25M :DR3
D. rate 25-45M     :DR4
D. rate 45-55M     :DR5
Turbo low, 10M max  :TPCL
8PSK               :8PSK
16QAM              :16QAM
High Rate Turbo    :TPCH
BER Tester         :PRBS
TCP Acclrtn-10M    :TCP
TCM                :TCM
TCP Acclrtn-25M    :TCP25
TCP Acclrtn-16M    :TCP16
TCP Acclrtn-55M    :TCP55
HTTP Acclrtn       :WEB
Wide RF            :WRF
8APSK              :APSK
FL1  1Mbs          :FL1
FL2  2.5Mbs        :FL2
FL3  5Mbs          :FL3
FL4  10Mbs         :FL4
FL5  20Mbs         :FL5
FL6  25Mbs         :FL6
FL7  55Mbs         :FL7 

Base SAF Modem

Transmit           :TX
Receive            :RX
D. rate 0-2048K    :DR0
Viterbi            :VIT
Reed Solomon       :IRS
Wideband IF        :WIF
ESC                :ESC
Header Compression :HCP
D. rate 2.048-5M   :D1L
D. rate 5-10M      :D1H
IP Traffic         :IPT

We do have one used PD55L L-band modem in excellent condition and available for quick release. Unit is tested and comes with a 90-day warranty.

History of Paradise Datacom

Paradise datacom was owned by Intelek, a leading designer and manufacturer of electronic systems for satellite and microwave communications. In July 2010 Teledyne Technologies, Inc. acquired Intelek, Plc. Intelek consisted of various divisions that were integrated into the Teledyne organization. The Intelek's Paradise Datacom division became Teledyne Paradise Datacom. 


productsheet.pdf Product datasheet
manual.pdf Manual

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  • Current status: Lead time: from stock EXW The Netherlands
  • Condition: USED and tested with 30-day warranty