Paradise Datacom, 1:2 Redundant System Controller RCP2-1200

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Paradise Datacom, 1:2 Redundant System Controller RCP2-1200

Brand: Paradise Datacom
Part number: RCP2-1200

The Paradise Datacom family of Redundant System Controllers is used to monitor and control amplifiers configured in 1:1 and 1:2 redundant systems. The RCP2-1100 and FPRC-1100 controllers provide control of two amplifiers and their  corresponding transfer switch. The RCP2-1200 and FPRC-1200 controllers monitor and control three amplifiers and two switches. The RCP2/FPRC Series of redundant controller can be used in LNA, LNB, and SSPA systems as well as frequency converter systems. They feature a full mimic panel and menu-driven Vacuum Fluorescent Display all in one rack unit of cabinet space. Front panel fault lights and an audible alarm are available for fault detection. Completely redundant power supplies are incorporated with universal input and power factor correction. System control is available through the front panel (local mode), or through the rear panel parallel I/O remote, or serial I/O remote modes. The use of flash memory allows easy field programmable firmware updating.

• Menu Driven display for user friendly monitor and control
• Front Panel Display of Signal Path for intuitive operation
• Parallel I/O; Form C Contact Closure Outputs & Opto-Isolated Inputs
• 1 Rack Unit height to maximize cabinet space
• RS-232/485 Serial Interface for Remote M&C
• Audible alarms
• Field programmable firmware
• Windows™ based remote M&C Software
• Ethernet Port

• Remote Control Panel
• Control Panels for Phase Combined SSPA Systems
• Adapter cables for compatibility with previous generation systems
• DC Operation

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