KNS SuperTrack S4 TVRO Radome 45cm

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KNS SuperTrack S4 TVRO Radome 45cm

Brand: KNS Inc.
Part number: SuperTrack S4

KNS SuperTrack S4 TVRO terminal 45cm (18inch) providing reliable analogue and digital signal reception at sea. Suited for vessels 30ft and above, 3-axis operating platform, 640degree Azimuth Range, Optional Quad/Quattro LNB for maximized global coverage, 62cm Radome for above deck installation, ACU 100-240VAC only for below deck installation, Antenna weight: 19kgs. Packaging size: 57 x 57 x 79cm, Gross Weight: 29,4kgs.

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productsheet.pdf Product datasheet

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  • Current status: 6-8 weeks delivery time
  • Condition: new OEM