Prodelin 380cm RxTx Ku-band Antenna Dual Optics Model 1388

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Prodelin 380cm RxTx Ku-band Antenna Dual Optics Model 1388

Brand: Prodelin (GDSatcom)
Part number: 1388

General Dynamics SATCOM Technologies' products encompass the design, development, and manufacture of microwave and satellite communication antennas for domestic and international applications. General Dynamics SATCOM Technologies specializes in providing high quality, cost-effective antennas for both the two-way Very Small Aperture Terminal (VSAT) marketplace and receive-only applications. Additional products include unique special purpose antennas for such customers as NASA and defense contractors.

The Prodelin 380cm RxTx Ku-band VSAT antenna model 1385 is a high quality product for a competitive price and lead times are often short due to stock locations in various parts of the world. Based on your requirements we can quote you the specific VSAT antenna(s) you need. 

Key Features
• Rx: 10.95-12.75GHz, Tx: 13.75-14.50GHz
• Glass Fiber Reinforced Polyester SMC
• Offset Feed (Gregorian)
• Cross-Polarization: 35dB within 1dB Beamwidth
• Four-piece Reflector
• Mount Type: Elevation over Azimuth

We can provide a variety of optional Pedestal or Non Penetrating Roof Mount for this 3.8m antenna as well. More details can be found in the Mount section. Please request information.

Prodelin History

Prodelin Corporation was founded by Larry Bowman in 1987. Bowman started his company as The Product Development Company and operated it out of Newton, North Carolina, USA.

In 2000 Prodelin Corp. was acquired by Tripoint Global Communications, Inc, a privately held provider of ground-based satellite and wireless communication equipment and integration services for video, voice and data applications. Tripoint Global already bought satellite equipment manufacturer Vertex in 1999 from Vertex Corp. and was composed that time of RSI, Prodelin, Gabriel Electronics & Microwave and CSA Wireless Communications, a microwave antenna manufacturer based in Hickory NC, USA.

In 2002 TriPoint Global decided to discontinue the microwave antenna products formerly produced by Gabriel and Mark Grid Antenna businesses. The antennas would then be manufactured under the Prodelin brand.

In June 2004 Global Aerospace and Defense manufacturer General Dynamics acquired Tripoint Global Communications. TriPoint became part of the General Dynamics C4 Systems business unit, which is a leading integrator of secure communication and information systems and technology. Prodelin brand is marketed by the GDSatcom business unit. 

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