Skyware Global 240cm RxTx Class III C-band Antenna System Linear Polarized Type 243

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Skyware Global 240cm RxTx Class III C-band Antenna System Linear Polarized Type 243

Brand: Skyware Global (Global Invacom)
Part number: 243

The Skyware Global Type 243 2.4m Class III RxTx Antenna is a rugged commercial grade product suitable for the most demanding applications. The reflector is thermoset-molded for strength and surface accuracy. Molded into the rear of the reflector is a network of support ribs which not only strengthens the antenna, but also helps to sustain the critical parabolic shape necessary for transmit performance.

RoHS compliant, 2-piece Off-set Feed Prime Focus, Heavy-duty Class III mount for 11kgs (25lbs) RF Electronics (LNB & BUC), Operating Frequency: Tx: 5,850-6,725GHz, Rx: 3,400-4,200GHz, Mount type: Elevation over Azimuth, Wind loads: 80 km/h operational, 200 km/h Survival.

Skyware Global vs Global Skyware

Skyware Global is one of the seven companies of the Global Invacom Group, Ltd, a world leading integrated satellite equipment provider involved in R&D, design and the supply of SatCom products to large-scale satellite broadcasters.

Skyware Global antennas are the former called Channel MasterAndrew and Skyware Antennas. They were marketed under the brand 'Skyware Global'. Channel Master, founded in 1949, was a manufacturer of prefabricated aluminum TV antennas. After the acquisition by Avnet Corporation in 1967, Channel Master moved its manufacturing facilities to Smithfield, North Carolina and Avnet sold the company to the Raven Group in 1998 at a 33 million USD profit.

In October 2003, Channel Master filed for chapter 11-bankruptcy protection after losing its largest client, EchoStar. Its Smithfield, NC satellite dish factory, which formerly employed 1600 people, was turned over to Andrew Corporation.

After various acquisitions the former Channel Master antennas were branded under the Andrew name, Raven Skyware, Skyware Global and currently Global Skyware as part of the UK-based Global Invacom group.  Global Skyware has supplied both former Channel Master VSAT antennas and other DTH products to many customers throughout the world.

On 24th of October 2016, Global Invacom Group, Ltd. changed the trading name for its US subsidiary Raven Antenna Systems, Inc, into Global Skyware

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