Antech Antenna 7.3m Ku-band Cassegrain Rx/Tx 4-port motorized & tracking & de-icing (USED)

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Antech Antenna 7.3m Ku-band Cassegrain Rx/Tx 4-port feed with motorized Pedestal Mount, tracking & de-icing (USED)

Brand: Antech S.p.A.
Model: ANP0082A

Antech Earth Station Antenna 7.3m Cassegrain Ku-band, Rx/Tx, 2-port or 4-port Feed, 2-Axis Motorized Pedestal Ground Mount, Hub enclosure, 20-piece Aluminum panels with heat-diffusing white paint, hot-dipped galvanized steel structure, 180 km/h wind load survival, 90 km/h wind load at operation, Antenna Pointing manually through ASC0005A and Antenna Step track automatically through ASC0005A.

This antenna will be taken down in January 2013. It is a very complete antenna in perfect condition (2007 vintage) including de-icing, motorization, tracking, platform & ladder, Aircraft warning lights & lightning protection. A detailed list can be provide on your request. Just send us an e-mail. 

Want to see how we installed an Antech 7.3m antenna? Please click here to watch the video on YouTube. 


productsheet.pdf Product datasheet

  • Skybrokers price: request information EXW Italy
  • Current Status: erected and dismantled in Jan 2013
  • Condition: USED in perfect condition