Vertex Antenna 9m DBS-band Cassegrain Rx/Tx 4-port feed motorized Pedestal Mount and de-icing (USED)

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Vertex Antenna 9m DBS-band Cassegrain Rx/Tx 4-port  feed motorized Pedestal Mount and full reflector de-icing (USED)
Brand: VertexRSI (GDSatcom)
Model: 9m KPK

This Vertex 9m DBS-band antenna has full reflector Hot Air Electrical de-icing with controller. It has a 4-port feed with rainblower, lightning protection, pedestal mount with platform and ladder. Antenna is is excellent condition and we will refurbish the reflector and check out all mechanical parts.

This antenna has the original VertexRSI 7200/7150 tracking package and we provide new resolvers and limit switches for proper operation. Part of the refurbishment will be the replacement of the motors. De- and Re-installation by our professional installers is recommended.

Full documentation package, including test reports and patterns are available.

Want to see the installation that we performed in the UK? Please click here to watch the video. 

productsheet.pdf Product datasheet

  • Skybrokers price: request info
  • Current status: available EXW Europe
  • Condition: USED and checked out