Andrew (ACS Signal) Antenna 7.3m Cassegrain C-band Rx/Tx 2-port LP feed 2-Axis Motorized (USED)

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Andrew (ACS Signal) Antenna 7.3m Cassegrain C-band Rx/Tx 2-port LP feed 2-Axis Motorized (USED) 

: Andrew (ASC Signal-CPI)
Model: ES73C-1

Andrew (ASC Signal-CPI) Earth Station Antenna, 7.3m, C-band (Rx: 3.625-4.20GHz, Tx: 5.850-6.425GHz), Dual Reflector Gregorian, 2-port Linear feed, 2-Axis Motorized, 1996 Vintage, with motorizable tripod mount, Hub enclosure 122cm (48inch), 117 (46inch) depth, 16-piece precision formed aluminum panels with heat diffusive white paint, galvanized steel back-structure.

System will be completely reconditioned and refinished to look and perform like new. We complete the antenna with new reflector hardware kits, documentation package and foundation plans, we add new motors and gearboxes. System is guaranteed to meet OEM specs when properly installed by one of our certified installation teams.

Please ask us for more information!

ASC Signal stopped production of this model. There are still sufficient parts available! The successor of this model is the 7.6m antenna. 

Want to see how we installed a Andrew 7.6m antenna? Please watch the video on YouTube: Skybrokers installing 3x Andrew 7.6m earth station antennas on Mallorca! 

productsheet.pdf Product datasheet
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  • Condition: USED and refurbished