VertexRSI Antenna 9.0m KPC C-band Rx/Tx 4-port LP feed Motorized (USED)

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VertexRSI Antenna 9.0m KPC C-band Rx/Tx 4-port LP feed Motorized (USED)

Brand: VertexRSI (GDSatcom)
Model: KPC90

VertexRSI (GDSatcom) Earth Station Antenna 9.0m C-band, Rx/Tx, 4-port Linear Feed, 2-Axis with Motorizable Mount with AZ/EL jackscrews, Kingpost Pedestal Mount,  Hub enclosure, Aluminum panels with heat-diffusing white paint, Platform & Ladder.

Antenna will be completely refurbished and we included following parts:

• New Motors and Gearboxes
• New motor cabling
• New jack boots 
• New limits
• Hardware kits checked out and completed 
• Antenna reflector panels cleaned and painted
• Antenna is completely cleaned
• USED 7134/7150 MCU refurbished/tested in any voltage (208 or 240/380VAC)
• Foundation kit with plans

We can offer optional NEW or USED Vertex 7200 tracking controller with new Beacon receiver and size-11 resolvers. 7134/7150 tracking/MCu controllers, cabling

System is in mint condition (2007 Vintage). System is guaranteed to meet OEM specs when properly installed by one of our professional installation teams.

Want to see how we installed a VertexRSI Earth Station Antenna in Lithuania? Please click here to watch the video on YouTube!

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  • Current status: Available from stock EXW Europe
  • Condition: USED and refurbished