Xicom TWTA 125W Ku-band Model XT-100K Hubmounted (USED)

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Xicom TWTA 125W Ku-band Model XT-100K Hubmounted (USED)

Brand: Xicom (Comtech EFData)
Part number: XT-100K

This Xicom TWTA 100W Extended Ku-band (WR75 waveguide flange), Model XT-100K, 110/260 VAC prime power (47-63Hz single Phase), 37lbs (15.4kgs), LxWxH = 40 x 22.1 x 20.6cm, Forced Air cooling, Gain Control. 

The XT-100 is a compact, self-contained, antenna mountable TWT power amplifier designed for low cost installation and long life. Intended for outdoor operation, the need for a separate amplifier shelter is eliminated. In addition, the distance
between the amplifier and the antenna feed horn can be short, thus RF output power is not wasted. RF filters and cooling systems are all self-contained within the package. As a result of improved cathode technology typically used on space and military TWT’s, the XT-100 tube has a design life in excess of ten years. These features have been incorporated to provide overall reliability and lower maintenance and replacement costs.

The XT-100 incorporates high efficiency, dual-stage collector TWT’s. Some of the benefits of this type of TWT are: reduced prime power consumption, lower internal operating  temperatures, and reliability enhancement. These benefits are
obtained for both the linear and saturated modes of operation. A high frequency resonant conversion power supply is used that accepts a wide range of prime power (100 to 260 VAC). A remote external controller can be used to operate the amplifier from a user selected location.

Key Features
• No Shelter Required
• Short Waveguide Run
• Low Cost Installation
• Power Factor Corrected
• High Efficiency Dual-Stage TWT

We have this unit available in perfect condition. Unit is slightly used and is tested in our Lab. It comes with 30-day warranty.

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  • Condition: USED in good working condition