Andrew, DryLine Dehydrator PMT200B-81026

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Andrew, DryLine Dehydrator PMT200B-81026

Brand: Andrew (Commscope)
Part number: PMT200B-81026

Andrew, DryLine Dehydrator, Low-pressure membrane, wall mountable, 3.0-5.0 psig, with summary alarm, 240VAC (50-60Hz), auto-detecting, includes four individually-valved output ports.

Alarm Type   Summary
Low-Pressure Alarm  68mbar, 7kPa, 1psig

Gross Weight, Packed    21,82kgs (48,10lbs)
Net Weight                    19,94kgs (43,96lbs)
Product Depth               17,78cm (7inch)
Product Depth, Packed   40,64cm (16inch)
Product Height               45,72cm (18inch)
Product Height, Packed   55,88cm (22inch)
Product Width                45,72cm (18inch)
Product Width, Packed    53,34cm (21inch)

Electrical Specifications
Power Cord   Europe power cord with stripped leads,  USA power cord
Voltage    230-250VAC
Alarm Contact Rating  Form C dry contacts, 2 amps at 30VDC
Operating Temperature  -10degr C to +40degr C (+14 degr F to +100 degr F)
Power Consumption  250W
Power Frequency   60/50Hz
Power Phase   Single
Suggested Circuit Breaker Size 20A
Circuit Breaker Requirement  Electrical connections require separate circuits for dehydrator installation

General Specifications
Dehydrator Type   Automatic Membrane
Voltage Type   AC
Volume Capacity   1,699liter (60 ft3)
Dew Point   Better than -45degr C (-50degr F) at 95% RH at +40degr C (+104degr F)
Flow Rate   5.66 SLPM (0.20SCFM)
Includes 3/8 in polyethylene tubing, Drill template, Instruction sheet, Male connector fitting, Power cord, Power Cord connector lock, Street tee fitting, Union Tee
Mount type   Floor, Shelf, Wall
Port Count   4

productsheet.pdf Product datasheet

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